Simple Ideas For Your Handmade Jewelry

home-made_braceletIf you have been stuck making peridot birthstone rings, or just stuck in a rut of some sort while making your own jewelry, you aren’t alone. Many artisans and jewelry making hobbyists experience this creative lull – the artistic version of writer’s block. Sometimes, all you need is to hear about a couple new ideas to jog your creativity once more. Here are some new ideas for handmade jewelry.

Mix and match beading materials. No one is going to kill you if you mix wooden beads with clay ones, or if you decide to design a sick pair of periodot and diamond earrings with glass accents. Experiment a little! You might end up finding a brand new style that you simply adore. Continue reading

Birthstone Earrings

What is The Gallery at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts?
It’s about the artists
BAC sells the work of over 300 local and regional artists—in the gallery, in special exhibitions, and at our annual Artists’ Almost Perfect Sale. We visit studios, we look at new work, we listen, we advise. We tell artists about opportunities in regular e-mails, and we hear from them that they’ve gotten commissions. We encourage young artists by exhibiting their work, buying art supplies for the public schools, and by funding scholarships.

It’s about art education
BAC offers gallery talks, artist demos, and art history lectures free in the gallery. Our workshops offer new skills and insights to professional artists as well as to beginners. We bring exciting speakers to the Island and sponsor trips to regional galleries and museum.

It’s about the community
Art belongs in the community—and we’re getting it there. BAC sponsors events, offers educational programs, and mounts exhibitions with other community organizations, such as the Bloedel Reserve, Helpline House, the Kitsap Regional Library, Bainbridge Performing Arts, and the Bainbridge Island School District. Through our Art Rental Program, we hang art all over town.

Founded in 1948, Bainbridge Arts and Crafts encourages the creation and appreciation of fine contemporary art and craft by exhibiting and selling the work of Northwest artists, and by offering art education to a county-wide audience of all ages.

Birthstone Bracelets

Due to a series of serendipitous events that could only happen on this Island, Bainbridge Arts and Crafts will open a temporary art gallery across the street. BAC was approached by Islander Tom Lonner, who asked for our help in selling numerous paintings and other smaller graphics left to him by his friend, Henry Dietrich. Landlord Earl Miller welcomed the idea of a temporary gallery in his vacant space at 150 Winslow Way East. The happy result is the Henry Dietrich Gallery.

Dietrich, a Jewish refugee from Berlin during the Third Reich, lived and painted in San Francisco for over 40 years. He painted in a strong mid-twentieth century style, brightly-colored, graphic, and obviously influenced by Henri Matisse. Henry Dietrich’s charming imagery includes birds, insects, dogs, music, and domestic life.

As Winslow Way businesses bravely cope with a summer of recession and construction, Mr. Lonner is sure that the temporary Henry Dietrich Gallery will add a colorful brushstroke to the street. He says, “I am not interested in making money from these paintings. BAC graciously agreed to perform all the work to create a professional gallery. My motivation is to find homes for these wonderful works of art, and the net proceeds will go to BAC’s educational programs.” Sales of Dietrich’s paintings at BAC’s main gallery will continue to benefit the West Sound Wildlife Shelter.

Mr. Lonner will be in the new gallery often, and will be happy to talk with visitors about the artist and his work. For more information about Henry Dietrich, please visit the Henry Dietrich

Birthstone Necklaces

BAC’s two exhibition galleries change every month, allowing us to present over eighteen exhibitions a year. Most are thematic shows, a few feature only two or three artists.

BAC exhibitions feature work in many mediums, including sculpture, painting, fiber, glass, printmaking, ceramics, and jewelry. Most exhibitions center around broad themes. Occasionally, we will highlight the birthstone necklaces of long-term artist colleagues. See our exhibition history.

All artist participation in Bainbridge Arts and Crafts exhibitions is by invitation only. For information about exhibiting work at BAC, see our artists page.

Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Birthstone Ring

Beryl_emeralds_cut_XHGiving a loved one a birthstone ring is a great way to show them how much you care, but there’s always a right way to go about doing it, and a wrong way.

This guide will teach you how to get the best birthstone ring that you can afford without having to stress too much about it.

  • Realize that there are different birthstones assigned to the same months, depending on what mythos you are looking at. If you can’t afford a ruby, emerald, or sapphire, don’t fret. There are many alternatives that are around that make it easy to afford an otherwise unaffordable birthday gemstone.
  • Learn about the birthstones in question. Learn how to figure out the quality level of the birthstone in question. It will give you a better clue on how to be discerning when picking a gem, or even picking a ring. It’s also good to learn what gems are used as a birthstone for your friend’s birthday month, especially if you are on a budget and are looking for a more affordable option.
  • Keep the recipient’s personal style in mind. If you are drawn to a ring that you absolutely adore, don’t buy it quite yet. Remember that what you find attractive in a birthstone ring may not be what your friend or loved one finds nice. Try to think like them. What would they like? If the ring in question is very traditional and old-school, don’t gift it to someone who is known for their love of all things super-modern. If the ring is very modern, don’t give it to someone who wants nothing but the most traditional in jewelry. This is a good way to make sure that the ring will not be worn unless you are around – or at least, not worn happily.
  • Try to find out if your friend has any metal allergies before you order a birthstone ring. Believe it or not, some people are highly allergic to certain metals. You don’t want to be the one who buys a silver ring for someone who is allergic to silver, so make sure to ask your friend if they are allergic to any metals before you start shopping around.
  • Choose a cut and style that flatters the ring-wearer as well as the gem in the ring. Dainty fingers work best with small rings. People who have larger hands don’t work well with petite rings. Certain cuts bring out the shine of sapphires better, while others are more appropriate for opal or aquamarine. It’s all about getting a ring that really looks good, and will stay looking great on the wearer.
  • Remember that price doesn’t always reflect quality. Just because a birthstone ring is expensive doesn’t mean that you should automatically buy it. Ask the jeweler to explain qualities about the workmanship of the gem, and also try to find out the quality of the metal in the ring. You might be surprised to find out how much the ring is really worth.
  • Shop around, and don’t be afraid to ask artisans to make a custom birthstone ring for you. If the person that you are buying the ring for is really someone very special, it may be a good idea to approach an artisan who can make a custom ring for them at a reasonable price. It’s a great way to get a one of a kind present for someone who is really close to you and deserves to have something that is just as special as they are!

How Do You Define Genius?

Just what is a genius – is there a way to actually prove that somebody is a ‘genius’? After all, some of the most innovative designs ever created by man were not thought up by a definition ‘genius’. Would somebody having a high IQ really mean that you can then be defined as a genius?

The dictionary term of a genius is “An extraordinary intellectual power, especially manifested in creative activity” which implies that a creative mind is more about what you can achieve, rather than what a test would say. However, definitions are varied and others refer to those of us with a high IQ.

The highest IQ ever recorded was by Marilyn Vos Savant, a successful writer and speaker who was in the Guiness Book of Records. However, the record was eventually removed as IQ tests are deemed to different and varied to constitute an official record. Also, those with massive IQs do not always achieve something extraordinary with their ability – but those who create something and invent a product can definitely say that they achieved something great in life, regardless of their IQ. #
For example, those who come up with creative ideas, or those who can look at a school book and reverse engineer the learning to make it better are surely qualified as a genius? They took a book which was deemed educational and improved it.

At one point however, all books were taken as the right method with no questions. However, those who questioned the teachings to improved them thus created an entire new market of opportunity for people out there with supreme knowledge and intelligence in any given textbook subject.

Those who started to question the textbooks, regardless of their IQ, are rightly more qualified to be known as a genius, in the opinion of some. Through that, they generated a better way for learning for many others, and also made sure a new market of potential careers for people.

Some of those with high IQs merely contribute to research and books with opinions, and try to live off the fact they are deemed to be incredibly intelligent. This is not contributing to the world in the way that they should be, because they were never forced to become creative – they are taken as an authority given their stature.

So to define a genius, surely it is better to look at their accomplishments as people rather than what an IQ test says. However, it is all down to perception, for somebody to be given the platform to create new ideas and opportunities they need to have the backing to take their research further. Without the understanding of dormant genius, there is little hope of some – no matter how good the idea – taking it any further.